Where to start?


About a month ago, I set up a chat system on the site that I was thinking of using just for the Trading Post. I started it on a site wide basis with the idea that I could test it better. I haven’t had much time to interact with this system, so I was surprised […]

How to Practice and Improve Your Shooting Skills

Improving your aim is a lot like going to the gym and working out. With regular practice and training, you can steadily advance your skills, but if you neglect your education, you’ll actually lose some of the proficiency you worked so hard to build.    There is no such thing as a static point when […]

Providing Safe Water in a Disaster


Every year, our planet experiences an average of 500 natural disasters (Gutierrez, 2008). While some have minimal impact, others may disrupt our standard of living for days, weeks, or even months- restricting our access to food, medical care, and potable water sources. In a recent report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, more than 32.4 […]

A Strange Call

Last week, I had a strange conversation. A producer contacted me about an upcoming documentary on The Sportsman’s Channel. It is supposed to be about off-grid survival and homesteading. You can see the e-mail below. I, for one, am not interested in getting on t.v. I kind of like the anonymity I currently have. With […]

5 Survival Items

I was going through my pockets last night, and realized there are so many things we wind up carrying that we really don’t need. I had receipts, a cigarette wrapper and two sets of keys on top of the things I try to keep on hand. There are five items you can carry on you […]

Week In Review 1/20-24/ 2014

Well, another week is over. With that in mind, it is time for the week in review. This last week was another almost full week of articles (I didn’t get to post one for Thursday). On Monday (1/20) I wrote an article discussing the problems with filling your life full of the distractions that are always […]

10 Good Books For Your Survival Library

  Ok. This article was supposed to be available yesterday. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly happen. Everyone should have a prepper/ survival library. There are just too many things to remember when it comes to the many areas of expertise we face. As a prepper or survivalist (or whatever you might consider yourself) you quickly realize […]

Bug Out or Stay Put

One of the biggest questions I found myself asking when I first started prepping (and one every one should think about) deals with bugging out. Specifically, how do I decide whether to bug out or stay put? I had already started making “kits” for the family, thought about what we would need in the event […]